15 thoughts on “New layout”

  1. I love the font you used – the handwriting one – very cute! Good job! I know it’s always stressful (and scary) when you launch a new layout but it’s great 🙂 I just changed mine a couple weeks ago and was terrified everything would break HAHA I think it’s fine, no one complained yet!

    ps that is a cute sweater!

    -Amy (www.thatssewamy.com)

    1. Thanks!! I found most of them on google fonts actually. Super convenient! But yeah, definitely terrifying at first. I think I’ve got the hang of it though!

      PS your new layout looks amazing!! I loove the cartoon you! :]

  2. I love it Ping! I love the font and typography you used for everything, it works really well with the layout I think. I’m no graphic designer but I do know what looks good to my eyes and for that, I definitely approve! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Haylee! <3 I found a ton of cute fonts online and definitely had a "use ALL the fonts!" issue. hehe.

  3. Love the new look, but I find the font used to read your blog very sharp? It’s a little difficult to read your posts. I love the banner though 🙂 good job

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