Datura #1

Datura #1

Datura #1

Datura #1

Datura #1

Datura #1
top: self-made, pattern by Deer and Doe // pants: Gap // shoes: Minnetonka

We’re going to ignore my real first attempt at a Datura because I was having a bad day and accidentally ruined one of my favorite fabrics that I’d been saving. Denial ftw.

Anyway, this was my first successful Datura! I used rayon challis in navy and white and I absolutely love how flowy and comfy it is. It’s SO soft. I had some issues with the shoulders but it was mostly because I’d never done a lining this way and I just sort of skimmed the directions. I went with what I thought was the correct method and ended up with an inside out circle that was physically impossible to turn right side out. I gave up pretty quickly and ended up with a top that has one beautiful entirely enclosed shoulder and one slightly wonky one with an awkward french seam. Oh well.

I found these cute little silver heart buttons and sewed them on as non-functional buttons (lazy Ping is lazy). While they’re super cute, it’s kind of annoying sitting in this top because they constantly dig into my back. Not exactly comfy. Oh well, Peter Pan collar + tiny heart buttons > comfort, I guess.

Photo cred goes to Seester, who has not updated her blog in years.

(I finally have one set of photos of me not taken awkwardly with a remote! And with detail shots! Whee!)


PS My blog layout is going to look pretty heinous for at least a few more days while Google teaches me the inner workings of basic coding (or until I give up and buy a theme). Please don’t judge me.

(And please feel free to link any helpful tutorials!)

13 thoughts on “Datura #1”

  1. These buttons are too cute! They really make the top. I think it makes sense to use the buttons as decoration rather than functional closures. Tops with buttons on the back are not so simple to get yourself into.

  2. If I could figure out the coding, I’m sure you can. I was nearly screaming at a couple of points but when I cracked it I was so happy with the final look of my site.
    Good blouse too!

  3. I love this color combo! I’m a sucker for navy and white 🙂 I have this pattern in my queue – it really looks great in the rayon challis – I love the feel of that fabric too! And the blog is looking good! One little suggestion, the cute font for the comments is actually kind of hard to read at that small size – only my opinion, of course, and I love it as the tabs and such at the top of the page!!! Good luck with the rest of your blog updating 🙂

    1. Thanks Sally! 🙂

      Oh yikes, I had no idea I’d changed the comments font. That looks terrible! Whoops! I’ll definitely get that changed back as soon as I figure out how I did that.. Thanks for letting me know!!

  4. Those little heart buttons are fabulous–they compliment the style really well. I hear you about buttons along the back though. I avoid button back blouses for that reason. I suppose a really flat button might be tolerable, but what fun is that?! I think the hearts were a great choice 🙂

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