Rambly housekeeping



Hello! I’m a bit loopy so I apologize if I ramble or don’t make sense. I went home to California for the week and just flew back on a red eye last night. I got in around 8am, slept until 1pm (whoops), and spent the day being the laziest bum ever. Getting up at 8am to go to work tomorrow is going to be interesting.

A couple of things:

1) Being reunited with my laptop is awesome. *strokestroke*

2) Some of you sent me photos of projects to be entered in the Copycat Challenge. Those should all be up now! It’s so awesome seeing what everyone has come up with. Keep them coming! (If you don’t see yours up, shoot us an email and we’ll post it asap.)

3) I’ve got some fun photos to share! I intentionally only brought my 50mm lens home so it would force me to practice using it properly and it’s gotten a lot easier! Seester and I had some fun photo sessions that I’ll share once I get the 600 photos we took (yikes!) organized and edited.

4) Home was fun! I’m a little sad to be back. We managed to squeeze a lot in a week and even had time to spend multiple days lounging in bed in pjs watching hours and hours of Torchwood. (Have you seen it?? I’m a little bit obsessed. Ok, a lot. In my defense: John Barrowman.)

And now I have to go be a productive person and get ready for the week. Or.. go to bed and deal with it in the morning. :]

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