Me Made May // week 2


8. Colette Sorbetto with added collar/lace.

9. Refashioned men’s sweatshirt in XL.

10-12. Colette mini-bloomers, too scandalous for photographing ;]

13. Fleetwood dress copycat.

14. Hand-knitted Georgia cardigan in Knit Picks Stroll basalt heather

This week was a bit lame, to be honest. I had a really long research paper due on the 13th, so I pretty much spent the 10th-12th in the same set of pajamas. By Saturday evening, I pretty much looked like a homeless person. Not cute.

This week I decided that I need some flowy tops and shorts. I have some stuff planned out and I need to sit down and make a list so I can tackle it all in the two weeks I have off.

Sew ALL the things! –except dresses.

4 thoughts on “Me Made May // week 2”

  1. My favorite look was the fleetwood dress. I forgot that it’s starting to get cold where you are – I was about to ask you why you were wearing boots.

    I hope you did well on your paper.

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