Things I’ve learned from Me Made May (so far)

The first seven days of Me Made May 2013

1. Refashioned chambray shirt.
2. Handmade skirt based on this Modcloth skirt.
3. Sorbetto top, Kelly skirt.
4. New Girl-inspired blazer using B4610.
5. Burda cap-sleeved dress in white floral.
6. Floral chiffon Darling Ranges.
7. Another Burda cap-sleeved dress in blue floral.

We’re just over a week into May and this whole me-made thing has been quite illuminating already.

1) I suck at taking outfit photos everyday. I have no idea why. It takes literally three seconds, especially iPhone ones.

2) I need more tops. I made a bajillion skirts recently and I don’t wear them that often because I’m usually stuck pairing them with a boring tank top and a cardigan if it’s cold, which makes me feel as though I ought to be working in a library. I think it’s because every time I think of a cute design for a top, my brain immediately wants to turn it into a dress.

3) I need to stop denying my love of the high-low skirt. I loved it last year, I love it this year, and it’s taken Megan Nielsen’s Cascade pattern for me to realize this.

4) I need to sew more knits. I bought a ton of different knit fabrics a while ago with the intention of learning how and then they sat on a shelf for months. They need to lead a more exciting life.

5) This is actually really helpful because in order to be able to come up with one handmade item every day with no outfit repeats, I’ve pulled out some garments that I’ve made and then never worn. Being forced to wear them out made me fall in love with one and decide that I hated the other.

6) This is neither here nor there but waking up with a size 2 DPN stuck in your side because you fell asleep on your tardis socks is rather painful.

14 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned from Me Made May (so far)”

  1. Everything you make is just so cute!

    I hate taking outfit pictures too! It just feels so time consuming or something. But every time you post one, I’m so excited to read about the details! (:

    Had to laugh out loud at number 6.. The same thing happened to me last week but I’m a heavy sleeper so I only realized when I woke up to bruises on my ribs. Oh, the safety hazards of knitting.

  2. cute outfits! i’m so with you on number two… every time i plan a top i have to really focus to not turn it into a dress, even though i wear separates more!

    1. Same! I should really alter my MMM pledge to “I’ll stop making dresses for the duration of May and make tops instead.” Except I made another dress yesterday. Whoops.

  3. All so lovely! It seems that “I need knit tops!” is a common discovery amongst MMMers this year. I know I’m discovering that as well.
    Question: What fabric did you use for your blazer?

  4. I just love all of your outfits– they’re so cute! I’m realizing that I need to make more casual dresses and skirts. I have things like knit tops, and then I have party dresses, but not much in between! It’s funny how it takes MMM to realize things like that!

    1. Thaanks :] Yeah definitely! I have pajamas and party dresses and a bunch of skirts but no tops! I find it slightly strange that it never occurred to me before.

  5. I hope you take a stab at Megan Nielsen’s skirt! I’ve seen great variations around the blogosphere and I have a feeling your’s would TOP THEM ALL!

  6. Hi there! I just discovered your blog through Burdastyle and I’m In Love! truly I love what you do and how you style it! I have a slight question though… did you sew a circle skirt rather than a rectangle one under the cap sleeve’s dress?

    1. Aww thanks! I did a rectangle skirt for the cap sleeve dresses. I’m pretty sure I followed the pattern exactly for the measurements of the rectangle and just gathered them before attaching. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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