MeMadeMay’13 // day 2 & day 3

homemade samoas and chocolate strawberries

Today was the slightly crazy kind of busy. It wasn’t that I had a million things to do, it was just that I had one really long time-consuming thing to be at, and then only about an hour to do about two sort of time-consuming things before heading over to Boyfriend’s house for birthday celebrations. I’m really excited though! I was feeling fancy yesterday so I put together some “samoas” and chocolate covered strawberries.

Funny story about the samoas: I made them for the first time about three years ago, and I remember thinking it was odd that the only ingredients the recipe called for were caramel, grated coconut, and chocolate. I hadn’t had real samoas in years but I vaguely remember an actual cookie part under all the coconut. But I went with it and they turned out a little gooey but delicious, and as long as they were stored in the freezer they were fine. When I looked again for the recipe, I couldn’t find it. Every thing I saw said something about making some sort of shortbready thing. So now I’m thinking I completely misread the recipe three years ago. Whoops. I went with my version anyway. You really can’t go wrong with coconut, caramel, and chocolate. They’re also kind of janky looking because I know literally nothing about cookie decorating and therefore used a fork.

Anyway, the point is that I kind of realized that while incorporating one me-made garment into my outfit every day isn’t going to be impossible, managing to go up to the roof every day for pictures is. So I’m allowing myself to be ok with the occasional iPhone photo.

MMM'13 day 2
MMM day 2: I was running late Thursday morning so I kind of threw together this quick outfit. The skirt is based on this Modcloth skirt which looked pretty basic and turned out to be really simple to put together.

MMM'13 day 3
MMM day 3: I had a little more time this morning to get ready so I got a little more creative. I had originally made this Sorbetto top in turquoise but didn’t like how girly it was so I thought I’d do it over in a black knit fabric. Now I feel like it looks a little too French maid-esque so I tried toning that part down with my mint Kelly skirt.

I’ve been wearing a bunch of dresses lately so I wanted to play around with separates but I think this weekend will be more dresses.

Also if you haven’t checked out the MMM Flickr group, you should. Super inspiring!

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  1. Those cookies look delish! If I were you, I’d stick to your “incorrect” recipe.

    Love the mint kelly skirt. That’s a staple item.

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