Boston :(

Hi guys, just wanted to check in really quick and let everyone I’m ok! I had several posts planned for this week but obviously with everything going on here in Boston that got pushed back.

I still can’t believe any of this is happening. I live about a mile away from the finish line and was literally about to leave my apartment when my roommate told me what had happened. Boyfriend and I were supposed to meet up there a few hours earlier but silly me took forever getting ready so luckily we weren’t there when it happened.

If you haven’t heard, they just caught the second suspect so everyone here is breathing a sigh of relief. It’s been kind of a scary day due to the lock down and not really knowing what’s going on but thank god it’s over.

I hope any of you in Boston (and Texas!) are safe and sound. And if anyone needs a laugh, this is pretty funny.


7 thoughts on “Boston :(”

  1. So glad you’re okay and very glad they caught the suspect. I’ve only visited Boston once but I loved it and want to go back. One of my best friends lived and studied there for a time. It’s such a tragedy that happened but I am bery thankful it is now over.

  2. Hey Ping so glad your okay!! Such awful news I just can’t imagine how scary it would have been and feel so sorry for the families affected. Such a low act, glad they caught the suspects and hopefully things get back to normal soon. The Texan explosion was pretty awful as well! Not a great week for the U.S.

  3. glad to hear you’re safe! i live out west of the city and just couldn’t take my mind off the news all week. it was so great to see it all come to an end last night!

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