A lesson

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Today’s project in progress comes with a public service announcement.


Yes, I know. We’re all told this from day one and this is hardly new or revolutionizing information.

But somehow it turned into one of those things that sometimes ends up on the “I’m too lazy, I’ll just skip it” list, along with making muslins and ironing after each step. *guilty*

And before this, I never ever had a shrinking problem. If anything, I usually made things a bit loose and then once they went through the washer they’d fit perfectly. So of couse, I got cocky.

And then my washing machine ate my favorite dress. πŸ™Β Well, technically by ate, I mean shrank to the size of a tunic. Whoops.

So now I’m being good. I’ve washed my fabric and I’m starting over on this one. Luckily it was pretty simple and I managed to find more of nearly the same fabric. Phew.

Anyway, if you’re not pre-washing your fabrics, you probably should.


12 thoughts on “A lesson”

  1. Awww bummer! One trick I do is that as soon as I bring a fabric home I throw it right into the hamper. Then, whenever the impulse to sew strikes, I know all my fabric has been washed already. Good luck to you!

  2. Awww! That was the dress I read you had made that really got me started on making my own! Sorry to hear it shrank. We’ve been washing our clothes on cold and then hang dry so I don’t really have the shrinkage issue. But I guess you never know so I will be washing my fabrics from now on.

  3. Oh NO I love that dress! Glad you can make another one. Could you re-gift the original so it doesn’t feel like such a loss? I agree with MadebyMeg, I always stick fabric straight in the was when I buy it, means that I don’t have to think about it when I actually come to make anything x

  4. I’ve learned that lesson before – unfortunately for me, multiple times! Sorry it had to be on your favorite dress πŸ™ Every once in a while I shrink something, get diligent for a little while, and then one day I’m just too eager and don’t pre-wash, and then have to learn it the hard way all over again… Maybe someday I’ll get the message.

  5. That is so tragic! I’m a fanatic about pre-washing–but I still have issues with shrinkage occasionally, bleh πŸ™
    I do love that pattern though–I’m making two versions of it for bridesmaid dresses right now–and thinking that I might really need one for me too, of course πŸ™‚

  6. Oh no! Tragic, I don’t prewash everything, and untill now I had no problems. Maybe I should wash everything from now.

  7. That is so awful, and it was such a gorgeous dress that your washing machine ate! I have seen this pattern around but the picture on the front puts me off and I don’t quite know why. would you recommend it? xxx

  8. On nooooo Ping! Not that dress!! All your dresses are amazing its a sad day when any of these get shrunk! I too learnt that lesson the hard way but luckily not on a dress THAT amazing!

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