PAX East 2013

PAX was so much fun! I only went for one day but I’m still recovering. I feel old. In my defense, 14 hours in a corset is not the most comfortable thing in the world.

We had a great time checking out some games I’d never heard of and talking to tons of game developers, and then we got to play some awesome tabletop games! I played my first deck-building game called Ascension and then played another awesome and hilarious card game called Flame Wars.

I’m still exhausted and have to get ready for school so I’ll leave you with some photos, not in order.

Codex and Dr Who. 


Boyfriend was a zombie magnet.


My friend (the one with the 3D glasses) organized his own photo op of all the Drs Who!

I got to meet VGO!!

I’m already thinking of costumes for next year! I still want to do Zoe Castillo at some point. And Dovahkiin from Skyrim. And maybe something a little more ridiculous like Kaylee’s poofy dress from Shindig.

Make ALL the costume!

16 thoughts on “PAX East 2013”

  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I wish we had those kind of events in Belgium. Your costume is great! Suits you very well.

      1. I’ve never gone to a con but I want to so badly, Cincinnati doesn’t have much to offer but my husband agreed to go to Chicago for one 🙂 He loves that I like to play dress up LOL. His mom gave me some curtains that would be perfect for a renaissance dress, so I’ll making that in the fall <3

  2. Fun, fun, FUN! My mind is blown by the plethora of the Doctors. I’ve just decided I need a Doctor inspired outfit. For fall. Now to decide which Doctor I love more: David Tennant or Matt Smith. Hmmm. . .

    1. I’m only on season 3! Buuut considering I started watching 4 days ago I think I’ll catch up soon tehe. I want to knit the epic Dr scarf!

  3. Great outfit and cute boyfriend! Lots of people were at Jo-Ann’s buying fabric for this convention over the past few weeks. Some dude working at a gas station invited me to go with him.

    Are you going to the Colette Pattern shindig next Saturday at Grey’s?

    1. Omg I’m so bummed!! I went to put it in my calendar and then realized I’m going to be out of town that week and I won’t get back until really late on the 6th!! 🙁

      Do you ever go to their sewing night? It’s pretty fun!

      1. It’s Wednesdays from 6-8pm. I’ve only been once and it was during a storm so not a lot of people came. You pretty much just bring whatever project you’re working on and Sarah has wine and snacks! I keep meaning to go back but I seem to only remember its existence on Wednesday nights around 7:56pm. -_-

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