Gold linen skirt

Gold linen skirt

Gold linen skirt

Gold linen skirt

Gold linen skirt
top: h&m // skirt: self-made // tights: F21 // shoes: Chelsea Crew // sweater: Modcloth

This might seem surprising but a year ago I owned about three dresses (like appropriate-for-public dresses, not counting the ones only appropriate in Middle Earth) and one skirt. And exactly one of those three dresses was not club-wear.

Then I bought a few patterns and started learning how to make dresses and pretty soon I had a whole closet-ful. But I still only had one skirt!

Anyway, this skirt was my first experiment with pattern-less skirt-making. To be fair, I made a few in high school but they were such ruffled low-rised monstrosities that it’s best to forget their existence and just back away quietly.

I think I might do a tutorial on this one, if anyone’s interested. It’s really simple and only involves the tiniest bit of math. Or, if you’re math-phobic like me, some minor trial and error. I used some kind of gold linen that has bits of sparkly gold woven in. It’s not the easiest thing to iron but it definitely creates a cool shimmery effect.

In other news, I just saw this video over at Maidae and I’m just itching to dye my hair red again.

In other other news, I finally figured out how to use my vintage non-auto-focusing lens for taking outfit pictures! It was actually stupidly easy and now I feel dumb for not having tried it before.

17 thoughts on “Shimmer”

  1. reallllly cute! i love that fabric! i was looking at some similar gold linen last weekend but it was soooooooo expensive! whyyyyy is linen so expensive? (besides the fact that it looks gorgeous)

  2. Do you mind telling me how you used your vintage lens? This is a question I’ve had too since I bought a bunch of weird Russian lenses last year and never use them for this purpose (well that and the fact that the body got stolen but when I replace the camera I wouldn’t mind knowing…) Does it involve using something in the spot you want to stand in to focus on?

    1. Ooh those sound like fun to play with! And yes, one of the things I tried was putting a purse or other object on the ground where you’re going to be standing. The other thing is if you’re using a tripod, to take the camera off the tripod and walk to where you’ll be standing and just focus on the tripod. It’s so simple I can’t believe I never thought of it before! I hope that helps :]

  3. I vote for a tutorial please 🙂 I have about 5 different fabrics I would love to make into this skirt. And thanks for the red hair video – it could come in handy for me. I love the red and keeping it up is such a pain but it’s SO WORTH IT!!

    -Amy (

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I’ve always lusted for red hair but had no idea how to do it and whether it was doable since my hair’s on the darker side. It’s soooo gorgeous though!

      1. My hair is naturally 2 shades away from black, so there is a lot of bleaching. It is rough on my hair but I do a lot of treatments, wash it about every 5 days (yeah, kinda gross) and then do Manic Panic hot pink touch ups until I go back to the hair dresser. I had her do the underneath part black, so it’s easier for me to do the hot pink by myself. Having bright red from such dark hair is A LOT of work and money but it’s worth it. I get tons of compliments and it is just so much more fun!

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