Headless chickens





Welcome to your friendly neighborhood disjointed post.

I’m starting to have papers and projects due for school so things have started feeling a bit more frantic. Ok, a lot more frantic.

Anyway, the Boyfriend’s family is in town visiting so we went out for brunch today. His Seest is just learning how to use her dSLR so I brought mine along too and we played around with them. It was fun having someone to experiment with and not feel too self-conscious, especially when we hunched over things for several minutes, fiddling with settings as everyone else twiddled their thumbs.

Anddd now I have to go dig through my closet to try to put together an outfit for an event tomorrow. Boyfriend is having his white coat ceremony for dental school. Super exciting! Except business casual just doesn’t really work with my wardrobe.


PS: In other news, my Chelsea collar knockoff dress was entered in Erin’s Copy Cat Challenge over at I heart fabric! Feel free to check it out and enter any of your own copycat projects!