When to break up with a project?

Beaded collar progress

Beaded collar progress

Beaded collar progress

Beaded collar progress

Beaded collar progress

Sometimes I’ll be working on a project and I just won’t be feeling it.

A number of things can be going on. Sometimes the pattern pieces just aren’t fitting together right and the whole thing looks silly and unsalvageable. Other times I look at it and wonder if I’ll ever wear/use it. Or maybe I had an idea in my head that just isn’t translating. Sometimes all you need is to step away for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes. Other times stepping away only leads to lack of motivation and your project ends up in a dusty “Someday” box.

We’re all taught the importance of perseverance and finishing what you start, but there comes a point when you’re just wasting your time. When do you decide to call it quits and move on to something else?

I’m having trouble with this collar. I think I made it too big, or the pearls are too big, and I’m doubting whether I’ll ever wear it because it looks slightly wonky, which makes me not want to put in the time to finish it.

But it does look pretty cool so far and I do feel like I’m kind of pre-judging it before seeing the final effect. Plus, I’ve seen a ton of gorgeous beaded collars on Pinterest and I’m sure they looked at least a tiny bit wonky before they were finished.


How do you decide whether to give up or keep going?

11 thoughts on “When to break up with a project?”

  1. Wow, just stumbled across your blog… Love it! And honestly, I clicked on this post in my reader because I thought the collar looked cool! I bet it’ll be gorgeous when you finish it. But I definitely know what you mean about losing enthusiasm on some projects. I usually try to stick it out and finish it, but there are a few exceptions =D Like the jeans I once tried to make…

    1. Ahaha oh jeez, I made a pair of jeans once. I think I was about sixteen. I bear hatred for everyone who ever let me leave the house in them and didn’t say anything about how horrendous they looked. -_-

  2. Its looking great! and I think it would totally suit your style.. the pearls are a good size:)
    I started to make the Victory Roxanne top and the collar didnt fit right.. then I tried to adjust it and cut some of the chiffon underneath, then I tried to fix that and things just got worse haha

  3. To be honest it doesn’t look wonky at all! maybe if you steam it with a press cloth? I think you should keep going! what have you got to lose other than a few hours?
    Good luck can’t wait to see it!

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