On not standing in the way of goals

I made another Sorbetto top! Actually technically I just harvested the guts from my turquoise Sorbetto and used black knit instead.

There are going to be some changes around here in the near future. I mentioned wanting to blog more in my New Year’s resolutions post and then again when I changed up the layout a bit, but I’m still not completely happy with where things are here.

A huge part of the problem is the state of my laptop, and another issue is general shyness.

My laptop is over three years old. It’s sad and dying. Editing photos literally takes hours because of how slowly it loads things and how often I have to start over. I bought a Wacom tablet last year that I’ve barely been able to use because it’s hard enough to get used to writing on a tablet without dealing with lag.

And then there’s the shyness issue. I bought a camera last year wanting to learn all about photography and use my blog as a way to learn as well as showcase crafty projects. I read piles of books (I have tons of recommendations if anyone’s interested!) and watched hours and hours of instructional videos. The one area where I had trouble was actually taking my camera out to play around with it.

It seems counter-intuitive, right? Most people get a new toy like that and can’t wait to run out and try it out immediately.

I really have no explanation. Except that I had no idea what I was doing and I was terrified that people would stop me on the street and and disdainfully demand to know why I was bastardizing the art of photography.

Totally reasonable fears, I know. *cough*

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m tired of holding myself back. My old apartment had great indoor lighting, and I was able to post fairly regularly, but I would only take outfit photos when no one was around. Needless to say, having to work around my own schedule plus my roommate’s absences was not exactly ideal. My current apartment faces the wrong way and has no good place for outfit posts. We do, however, have a lovely huge rooftop filled with plants and decor that would be perfect for outfit shoots. I’ve been meaning to go venture up there to try it out for ages but have always managed to come up with an excuse not to.

But no more! I’m doing it this weekend. If not tomorrow. I want to learn photography! I spent three hours yesterday looking at blogs and Pinterest and photographs and I’ve got all kinds of inspiration running through me. I don’t expect to end up with anything resembling an amazing photograph but I’m never going to get there if my camera just sits sadly neglected in my room while I read books and watch videos.

So yes, roof. Tomorrow. And yes, I will probably freeze.

And to address the technology issue, I have a new laptop coming in the mail tomorrow! *squee*

Which basically means that if I’m still unable to achieve my goals, I’ll have no one to blame but myself.

4 thoughts on “On not standing in the way of goals”

  1. Two things – no. 1: GORGEOUS sorbetto! no. 2: I always feel very self conscious taking and posing for photos if other people are around, however, I know this is a cliche but the more silly and over the top I get, the less people seem to care and the more confident I get. Plus the more I’ve been looking for nice photo spots (since starting my blog) the more I notice people taking photos everywhere and no-one bats an eyelid! Looking forward to seeing your next posts with photos!! x

  2. I wish you great luck in overcoming your photography shyness! And I would be very interested to read about your favorite books and video resources. I want to learn more about photography and just don’t even know where to start!
    Your Sorbetto is adorable, by the way 🙂

    1. Thanks, you’re so sweet! I’m actually putting together a post of resources for learning photography that’ve been helpful to me. Should be up next week! In the meantime, I highly recommend anything Bryan Peterson has written 🙂

  3. Love the top! It’s so cute! I hear you about the photos. My apartment is too dark, too, so I’m always self-conscious (and cold) in my photos. I’d love to be more natural and confident in photos, but that takes some skill! Looking forward to seeing your rooftop pics!

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