Shoe rescue – Part 2

2013-01-30 15.38.04

Don’t you love it when you order something fully expecting it to take 635 business days to arrive or some nonsense and then three days later it’s snuggled in your mailbox just waiting for you?

I do.

When we last left off on the fascinating saga of my Lottas, they both looked kind of like the one on the right.

2013-01-28 22.15.46

I was kicking myself for not buying the silver ones, so when I started looking into how to brighten up my blue ones with shoe polish, it suddenly occurred to me that I could just change the color of mine instead of buying a whole new pair. A few Google searches led me to discover Angelus acrylic leather paint, which I bought in silver.

2013-01-30 15.38.39

Make sure to clean your shoes before you start painting!

Although it does come with a handy dandy brush attached to the lid, I recommend pouring some into a small dish and mixing in a small bit of water to thin it out a little. You do have to apply a few more coats this way but they’ll look more even. I also found it helpful to paint it in sections and dry each section with a hairdryer as I went along. Something about the heat melting the acrylic onto the leather for better hold?

I ended up doing about five coats of watered down paint.

2013-01-28 21.59.08

After the paint dries you’re supposed to polish them but all I had was some leather lotion so I used that. And now they look like this!

2013-01-30 15.37.53

2013-01-30 15.37.39

And now I can’t wait for spring so I can wear them with pretty floral dresses. And shorts. And basically everything.

2013-01-28 22.12.23

2013-01-28 22.11.56

I think maybe next year I’ll paint them red.

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      1. Oh believe me, my brain is treating these like a free pair of shoes, which means I get to spend the $100 I would’ve spent on them on something else. -_-

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