A few months ago I bought a cork board thinking it would be a great way to organize and display sewing inspirations and dress designs I wanted to make. I have a few sketchbooks but sometimes I forget about projects I wanted to work on if they’re not right in front of my face.

Anyway, then life got busy and my desk got cluttered and I started pinning all kinds of random junk like receipts and movie ticket stubs to my cork board. Not so pretty.

The other day I received a new order of fabric (yee!) and added it to the mountain of fabric I bought while at home and suddenly felt overwhelmed and not sure which project to start with. I decided to go through and cut a swatch of each and then draw a simple sketch with notes for each one, kind of like a catalogue. (This is only a quarter of the fabrics I have to go through..) When projects are done, I’m going to take them off the board and collect them in a small notebook.

I love the way it looks now! Plus, my brain feels so much better.

*In other news, welcome to the nearly completed new layout! I added a contact page with an email form and am still working on small edits here and there. I’m also not quite sure why photos aren’t showing up on previous post previews but have been trying to fix them one by one.

5 thoughts on “Clutter”

  1. Love the layout. Great job.

    So funny–I JUST got a corkboard the other day, and am trying to decide where to put it and what exactly to do with it. I mostly bought it to keep track of little pattern pieces from the Anise jacket I’m working on, but I’m hoping to use it for inspiration as well. Thanks for the great example!!

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