More peter pan love.

Burda 7739

This was actually the first version of Burda 7739 that I made but I haven’t actually worn it yet. I really should. I think I’m just so infatuated by the turquoise version.

I decided to add a Peter Pan collar to this one because Peter Pan collars make me lusty, but there’s something off about it. I think I might need to make it smaller. Or something.

Burda 7739

As much as I was (and still am!!) super excited for it to snow, I was kind of sad when it started getting colder and I had to stop making summer dresses. But lately I’ve been super into making all kinds of winter dresses to wear with sweater tights and legwarmers and boots! In fact I’m taking a trip to the fabric store sometime this weekend to pick up some wool fabric for another dress. I can’t decide if I want another solid color or if I want to try a plaid.

Burda 7739

Hmm maybe both!

Stay warm, guys! <3

3 thoughts on “More peter pan love.”

  1. Love everything about this dress, including the size of the collar. Particularly how it has sharp corners at the back. The length is really cute too. Love how you’ve styled it but equally good with woolly tights and boots methinks!

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