1. This is my favorite breakfast in the world. I’m by no means a morning person but ever since I discovered this stuff I’m up at 9am every morning out of sheer excitement. I’m not exaggerating. I use Country Choice Organic Steel Cut Oats, half a cup of the huge Costco bag of frozen mixed berries, half a cup of unsweetened almond milk, and half a cup of water. Sheer heaven, I tell you.

2. Remember like ten years ago when I announced I was making bunny slippers? Well, felting one slipper was apparently too traumatizing and the project has been sitting in a box gathering dust until last week when I went to the store (which is exactly 0.75 blocks away from my house, I might add) and picked up a pair of gloves. And now I have a complete set! How adorbs are they??

3. Remember like fifteen years ago when I decided to make a sweater (nearly) from scratch with my own handspun yarn? Well I randomly got on a spinning kick two weeks ago and made a ton of yarn..

4. ..anddd started knitting a sweater from it! The pattern is this one by Pickles and hilariously calls for a yarn called Thick and Thin, which I find funny because I’m so bad at spinning that my yarn comes out that way by default.

It’s been a good day. I had two papers/projects that I needed to get done by today and while I was skeptical that they would get done, I was somehow sucked into a magical tunnel of productivity and finished both before 4pm.

Crossing my fingers I’ll have time for a sewing sesh this weekend, I’m getting antsy!


2 thoughts on “Insta-update”

  1. i’m in love with those bunny slippers!!!! gaaaack! so so cute! and hilarious that it took you that long to finish them. lol. what pattern are they? i want a pair… super bad.
    i love that this is the season of such a knitting frenzy. i have so many things on my needles prepping for markets, but i still add to my very unrealistic list of things to knit. i’ll keep on adding too… just ’cause. 😉 xo

    1. Aww thanks! The pattern is Hopsalot by Tiny Owl Knits and I hiiighly recommend it. And yeahh, my sister’s Christmas sweater from last year is still on needles while I find new things to work on. Whoops!

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