Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone on this side of the country is safe and dry! Here in Boston we had tons of rain and wind yesterday but it’s suspiciously sunny and dry now.

We celebrated Halloween this weekend with a little too much vodka. And now I’m sad that my favorite holiday is mostly over. I had been wracking my brain for over a month and couldn’t for the life of me think of what I wanted to be for Halloween. It wasn’t until the morning of the Halloween party while Boyfriend and I were wandering around a thrift store that we both happened the find the perfect alterable garments for a couples’ costume.

Anddd here’s what we came up with!


I tore up the top a bit to make it more ratty, and that skirt used to be ankle length. I cut the top off and gathered the bottom, mostly in the back, to create a faux-bustle effect.

Boyfriend did his all on his own! The costumer in me swells with pride.


And here is Boyfriend being pervy. <3


Have a great Halloween everybody!

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