Sometimes I remember that I have a smart phone with a camera, and occasionally I remember that I have instagram on it. So here’s an insta-version of the past few weeks.

1. I’ve been working on a sweater that’s been driving me nuts because of the gauge. I thought I had it right but my first attempt ended up doll-sized. Now I’ve finally made a front that I think will fit a human being (hopefully me) and I’m just starting the back. *fingers crossed*

2. New shoes! I usually only own one pair of flats (not counting flat boots) because I prefer heels even if my feet don’t, and my one pair is finally dying. I saw these online and neeeded them. They’re a teensy bit too small but I took a hairdryer to them and now they fit and just need to be broken in a little more. Yayy I can’t wait to wear them with everything. Have I mentioned how much I love Seychelles?

3. They finally installed my “closet” rod thingy!

4. I <3 new clothes! By the way if anyone is thinking of shopping at Modcloth, they’re still doing that awesome $20 off $50 thing through October 31st!

5. Boyfriend got me flowers last week for absolutely no reason! We <3 Boyfriend.

6. My friend and I went to see the Video Game Orchestra this weekend. Hoooly crap, they were amazing. I may have teared up during the Castlevania song. And the Final Fantasy VII song. And I’ve never played either game! Look them up, they’re incredible.

7./8. I also finally put up some of my organizational wall stuff. The one on the left holds earrings, rings, bracelets, has hooks on the side for necklaces and two pegs underneath for headbands and scarves. The one on the left is for my measly nail polish collection. In my defense, I threw out all my nail polish last year when I moved across the country and started fresh.

Andd now I’m off to be productive. My goal for today is to finish a paper that’s due the day before Halloween just to get it out of the way. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone have any costume suggestions for me? It’s my absolute favorite holiday (shocking, right?) and I’m drawing a blank.

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  1. I’ve never heard of the Video Game Orchestra–I have to check them out. Last year, I went to go see the Distant Horizons/ Final Fantasy concert and it was one of the best days ever 🙂
    I’m thoroughly impressed with all people who knit/crochet sweaters–yours is quite lovely!

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