I would probably marry a Peter Pan collar


I’ve had several posts planned for the past two weeks and the only reason I haven’t posted is because of a lack of photos. To be fair, I take my photos myself and I hate doing it when people are around. And it took me ages to find a spot in my new apartment that has decent lighting. Yes, I’m full of excuses.

Things have been a tiny bit crazy around here as I’ve been getting into the groove of the new semester. I have a few terrifying assignments looming so the end of October should be interesting. My room is still not entirely put together yet, even though I moved in a month and a half ago! I finally bought foam for my window seat cushion and cut out two pieces of fabric and then just stopped. And that was two weeks ago. And I still have to fix a duvet cover, make a bedskirt, and pretty up my bulletin board. And hang all my wall art. Whoops.


I blame Pinterest for this dress. I kept seeing gorgeous collared dresses all over the place and of course I got all melty-hearted. At first I was going to use Megan Nielsen’s Banksia pattern to try to make one, but then I decided I wanted something more fitted. (Although I definitely still want to make a Banksia top. *lust*)

I made another dress with the same pattern but in gray and with a different collar, but I kind of love how this one turned out even more. I had wanted a colored linen blend fabric but they were out of everything but black and white and brown at the store, so I decided to experiment with white linen and some RIT dye.


I want to make this dress in every color. And then wear one every day of the week with different colored tights. But then I’d be that girl. Also, if anyone is wondering, I used Burda 7739. I lengthened the bodice by about an inch and a half and shortened the hem by a few inches.


I also may have started this the day before we went apple-picking because I specifically wanted to wear it to go apple-picking. Hee.

PS I have a few more new dresses to share this week! I’m super excited.

PPS And possibly a knitting project soon because I’ve started knitting again. Yay!

PPPS Sewing > schoolwork.

6 thoughts on “I would probably marry a Peter Pan collar”

  1. I love the way this dress turned out! You look great in it. Was this the first time you dyed something? I’ve been thinking about using a similar color for wool coating, but I’m a little afraid of ruining a good wool. 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      I’ve played around with RIT dyes before but I’m really inexperienced with it. I know that wool takes dye really well (unless it’s blended with synthetics, and then you might get striations), but I’m not sure if you’d need to prep the fabric or if you need to worry about shrinkage in high temperatures. A wool coat in this color would be gooorgeous though!

  2. Very cute dress but that back zipper needs serious work. Have you thought about an invisible zipper?

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