This weekend Boyfriend and I went apple picking! I don’t know what it is about fruit-picking places that has always appealed to me but it was a blast.

There was a little market area and then we took a hayride out to the actual orchards.


They had 15,000 trees in all sorts of varieties. It was amazing! And here I am hiding in an apple tree. I’m clearly invisible.

Yes, that is a new dress. And yes, I made it specifically for this trip. Therefore yes, I am a huge nerd.

DSC_1940      DSC_1956

And finally, pumpkins! Because fall is awesome.


And no, I’m not counting that as a new dress post. I’ll put up a details post when I figure out a good place to take photos in my new apartment. The last batch I did turned out dark and weird.

PS Thanks for everyone’s opinions on the previous post! I was leaning toward the lace at first but on second thought, you guys are totally right, it would’ve been too much. I also agree that I definitely need to make a lace-collared top now! Hellooo Banksia?

PPS Are you guys aware of Modcloth’s awesome promo going on until the end of the month? If you buy $50 of stuff you get $20 off! I may  have spent an embarrassing amount of time yesterday looking at pretty dresses..

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  1. I think I know your apple picking place, because it’s in my town! Did you try the cider doughnuts? They’re pretty good!

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