Unpacking and more unpacking

The past few days have been jam-packed with moving-related adventures. There was the actual move out, then the move in, then the Ikea and Home Depot trip, and then the cleaning of the old apartment, followed by the return of the old apartment keys.

I think today will be my first errand-less day to stay at home and lounge and unpack. -fingers crossed-

Anyway, I’m really excited to have everything out of boxes and put away so I can stop having to dig through stuff trying to find other stuff. I did manage to unpack my makeup and set it up on my dresser! I’ve always wanted a makeup “area” (other than the bathroom) and this worked out perfectly!


I have two diy-ed hanging wall shelfy things that will go on the wall next to this and will hold accessories and hair stuffs.

Now time for a snack and then more unpacking!