Room decor fun! aka Pinterest addiction

So if anyone’s interested in the long list of reasons I haven’t posted in ten years, it includes everything from not having internet to getting norovirus to my keyboard epic failing. In fact, I’m back in the land of interwebs and recovered from norovirus but am somehow getting by typing on a keyboard with a broken o, l, and enter key. I keep copy-pasting the letters I need, and needess to say, it’s taking forever.

Anyway, I’m getting ready to move next week so of course instead of spending my time packing like a responsible adult, I’ve made a new board on Pinterest and have been pinning all sorts of ideas for pretty room decor.

This is vaguely the color scheme I’m going for.

I find it hilarious that it was inspired by this photo.

I made my own version of this duvet cover. I’m considering doing some pillows too.

This is the paint color I’m going with. Unless I change my mind tomorrow at the store.

Source: via Ping on Pinterest

I’m trying smething different with my bed this time. First of all I’m downgrading to a full because the room is so small that my queen would just take up all of the space. I also decided to get a plain wooden ikea bed which I’m going attempt t uphster. More on that later but here is the fabric I’ll be using for that.

Source: via Ping on Pinterest

Andd meet the rug I bought today! I had a different one in mind but when I went in to look at it, it just seemed a little too big, a little too dark, and a little too off. luckily this one was sitting nearby screaming “Buy meeee instead!” So I did.

Anyhoo, I’m super excited to get to start putting everything together! And I’m crossing my fingers this doesn’t all end up looking heinous together..

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