Holy jet lag, guys. I thought I was wide awake but a tiny snooze sounded nice, so I crawled into bed and set my alarm for three hours later, just in case. And woke up three and a half hours later with my alarm blaring at me. Whoops!

It was so hard to peel myself out of bed, except I knew that if I kept sleeping I’d regret it later.

It is so weird being back here! When I first lived here, the Host Sibs were 10, 14, 17, and 17. Now the youngest has just turned 14!!

Anyway, I’ll stop being an old lady now. Here are some things that made me smile today, Instagram style:

This is the view from my room. It never gets old. I used to open the windows at night and put a cushion on the ledge and just sit there looking at stars and blasting Explosions in the Sky.


Family dinners here are the best. It feels like you’re surrounded by trees in a little oasis.


I adore this chandelier thing. DIY inspiration? Methinks yes.


I’m pretty sure this kitchen is the most French thing I’ve ever seen.


I’ve been raving about all of the lovely hot weather things to do but this fireplace is the best thing in the world in the winter. When I lived here we would have hot tea and sit in our pajamas and watch English movies dubbed in French.


Look what I found in the living room! *tears*


I absolutely adore this rug. The end.


This little munchkin has been following me around all day. I might steal her; I’m 90% sure she’ll fit in my purse.


And right now I’m sitting in bed sipping a tizane brewed from some flower we just picked from a tree outside. It’s supposed to help you fall asle..zzzzzzzzz.


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