I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I’m off to France in less than a week! I studied abroad there in college and I try to go back every year or two to visit the Host Fam. This time Boyfriend is meeting me there for a few weeks of sunshine and culture shock. :]

While this is all very awesome and exciting, I’ve been absolutely terrible at getting ready for this trip! I should really start carrying a small notebook to write down all of the things I suddenly think of to pack.


To be fair, I tossed my passport in the front pocket as well as a travel adapter so I’ve got the very bare necessities. Andd I have clothes (but no undies) for about three days. Go me!

Andd here’s all of the stuff I’ve meant to blog about but haven’t gotten around to finishing because of the stupid heat.

These are all about 90% done but need an hour or two of tweaking to be finished and wearable. Look for them soon..ish.


PS this pen tablet is so much fun! You’ll have to forgive the blatant overuse.

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  1. I’m weeping hot, angry tears of pure jealousy over here! But I guess I can get over my envy for long enough to wish you bon voyage! Oh, and you’re such a prolific sewist! I can’t believe how much you get done and how quickly!

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