Weekend Wants

I’m really excited for this heat wave to end because my productivity has been abysmally low. My apartment building is very old and terrible at keeping out the heat, so it ends up being just as hot inside as out. It’s pretty miserable.

I’ve been consoling myself by looking at pretty things on Pinterest. I might start making this a weekly post just because it inspires me to work on things on my Sewing Inspiration board –and, uh, buy the things in my Wants board. *cough*

This week I’ve been super obsessed with collars. Nothing new, really, I just keep seeing them everywhere. How gorgeous is this dress? I want to make one in every color!


My first Sorbetto was kind of a trial run so I went with a cheap and plain fabric. I want to do the same thing again but in a polka dotted print, like this one!


I bought a pattern for a simple button up shirt recently and I’ve been toying with the idea of making it into a dress. Like this one.

Source: shopruche.com via Ping on Pinterest


Or this one!


This shop on Etsy is absolutely adorable. I love love love this camera pendant!

Source: etsy.com via Ping on Pinterest


I’ve also been lusting over the flower hair pieces from this Etsy shop. I need to do more interesting things with my hair. In high school I never wore my hair the same way two days in a row –which is not to say I didn’t go to school with some weird hair-dos a lot of the time, but I miss that attitude. Plus, how gorgeous is her hair?

Source: etsy.com via Ping on Pinterest


I also recently discovered this food blog and holy salivation! I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately so I love running into blogs written by people who love food but strive to be healthy at the same time. I tried her recipe for green chile enchiladas tonight and it was so yum! I have a few tweaks to make next time but definitely a great recipe!


This weekend I’ll be hiding out at Boyfriend’s to avoid the heat. Shh, don’t tell him but I’m only dating him for his air conditioning. *wink*

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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