Have you ever come across a pattern you’ve seen before and suddenly needed to make it immediately whereas past you had merely thought “eh.”?


That happened to me this weekend when I rediscovered Colette’s Madeleine Mini-Bloomers. I first came across them when I found the Sorbetto pattern. At first I thought, “Cool! Free pattern!” And then I thought, “Ehhh, I’ll probably never make them.”


And then on Sunday I saw them again whilst browsing the interwebs and suddenly I had to have them. I didn’t even care what color or pattern, I just knew I wanted a pair of my very own.


Has that ever happened to you?

8 thoughts on “Mini-bloomers”

  1. Super cute! That happens to me sometimes after I see someone else’s version of a pattern– I’m not always great at seeing the potential in patterns, so when one of you mad geniuses stitches up something fab, I get wrapped up in emotion and NEED. IT. NOW.

    1. Oh same! I think I’d just seen awkward versions of this the first time around. The other day every single one I ran into was gorgeous and lovely and I went all *covets* 🙂

    1. Start with simple patterns and youtube vids when you get stuck. It’s easier than you think! This pattern actually isn’t all that hard and might be a good place to start!

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