Hermione’s red ruffle dress

I finished this dress a while ago (like, over a year ago!) and then never posted pictures of it. Whoops.

Hermione red dress

Walking out of the movie theatre after I saw Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows was slightly overwhelming. A chunk of my brain wanted the movie to keep going and hated that I had to wait another seven months to finish the movie, another chunk was sad that there was only one movie left. But mostly I wanted to rush home so I could google photos of Hermione’s entire wardrobe throughout the film. Particularly the lovely blazer outfit from the beginning, the dark blue asymmetrical sweater thing, the gorgeous fair isle sweater, and the red dress she wears to the wedding. (Also Ginny’s dress at the wedding and Ron’s brown sweater but that’s a different story.)

Anyway, this dress was one of the first things I made from that movie, and was essentially the product of one week’s worth of sewing ruffles. Ruffles made of chiffon.

Hermione red dress
See? Ruffles. I wasn’t kidding.Β 

Other than the ruffles, the rest of the dress is pretty basic. I used red chiffon for the outer layer and a thicker red satin for the lining. I drafted the bodice myself and made the skirt out of four panels with a slight gather at the waistline. After that it was just a matter of looking at reference photos for ruffle placement!

On that note, it’s pretty difficult to take spinning photos of oneself. I failed miserably.
Hermione red dressHermione red dress

Have a nice Tuesday! :]


Edit: I’ve gotten several comments/emails about this so I thought I’d mention it again here. I didn’t use a pattern this dress, I drafted the bodice directly to my own measurements. If I ever decide to draft a pattern someday (which will not be in the foreseeable future since I have absolutely no skills in drafting patterns of other sizes), I’ll definitely make it available here.

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  1. I LOVE it! and not just beccause I am an avid Harry Potter fan! P.S amazing work with the ruffles, I can imagine a lot of patience was needed there.

  2. Oh my goodness, amazing job on the dress, really. I’ve been wanting a dress like her’s from the movie for so long! For a school dance, please tell me, are you interested in selling it?!

  3. Omigosh! That is amazing! I would pay an insane amount of money for any of the costumes on this website! Could you sell any of them to me?!? I’ve been looking for the Katniss and Hermione dresses forever!

  4. Heyyyy! I am an avid reader of WHen bsig kids play grownups and I loveeee this dress! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (like biggest in the world!!!!) I would pay an insane amount of money for this dress…thow much would you consider selling it for? I am like 5′ 1” and 80-85 pounds? Please email me at biggestharrypotterloverever@gmail.com!

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