Noms! Bean salad recipe

When the weather gets warm, this is one of my favorite salad recipes. It’s cold, healthy, and super easy to put together!

Unfortunately, this year it is now June and the high today was in the low 50’s. Is this normal for New England? Considering it barely snowed three times all winter, I’m guessing not.

Anyway, I’ve been making sundresses and busting out sunglasses and making summer food in the hopes that the weather will catch on and heat up. So far, no dice.

Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Bean salad

Ingredients:  Note: This is one of those guesstimate amounts type of recipes :]

-1 bell pepper, diced (I’ve tried this with red, orange, and green bell peppers and orange is by far my favorite. Plus it goes the prettiest with the other colors, which is of course  a vital factor.)

-1 roma tomato (I still have no idea which kinds of tomatoes are good for which types of dishes, but romas work great for this.)

-green beans (These are my favorite part of the salad so I use a lot.)

-1 can cannellini beans with the juice (I’ve also used kidney beans and they’ve turned out great!)

-rice wine vinegar or rice vinegar (Is there a difference? You could probably also use apple cider vinegar for an even healthier version although I’ve never tried that.)

-salt to taste

Bean salad

Prepare the green beans and cut them up into bite sized pieces. I usually put them in a pan with a few tablespoons of water and let them cook just enough to be cooked but still delightfully crunchy.

When they’re done cooking, transfer the green beans to a separate bowl and pour cold water on them. Let it sit until the beans have cooled down so they don’t cause the other vegetables to cook when you mix them together.

Chop up the bell pepper and tomato into bite sized chunks, however big you want them.

Mix all of the veggies together. Pour the cannellini beans on top, including the juice. Add a few tablespoons of rice vinegar. I would start with one or two tablespoons and add more if desired. Add salt to taste.

Bean salad

It’s best if you stick it in the fridge for at least an hour but I usually can’t wait that long.