Garlicky sandwich spread


When we were living in San Francisco, Boyfriend introduced me to an absolutely nommilicious sandwich shop that quickly became a favorite. Sadly, I haven’t found anything remotely close to it over on the other coast. It’s something about the sandwich spread they use. Very garlicky, very delicious, but definitely not the place for a first date!

Anyway, we were missing home the other night so I decided to attempt to recreate these sandwiches.


I used a giant clove of garlic (it was seriously huge, probably about the size of 2-3 normal cloves), juice from half a lime, about a tablespoon of chopped fresh cilantro, and enough olive oil to cover it all.

For the other sandwich toppings we did turkey slices, sharp white cheddar, and tomato slices on toasted sourdough bread. It didn’t turn out quite the same as our sandwich shop but it’s definitely something I’m going to make again.


I highly recommend doing your kissing before consuming this one. Just sayin’.

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