Darling Ranges #1

Nothing like posting sewing projects completely out of order..

Here’s my first Darling Ranges dress!

Darling Ranges #1
dress: self-made (Darling Ranges by Megan Nielsen), headband: F21, shoes: Seychelles Ampersand

This is probably the least well put-together version of this dress that I’ve made but it’s one of my favorites. The chiffon was an absolute nightmare to work with but I like the end effect. Plus I was figuring out the pattern as I went along so there’s small iffy bits, especially along the placket and neckline.

Darling Ranges #1

I went entirely according to the pattern on this one but the waistline is a touch too high for my freakishly long torso so I lowered it by two inches on all of the other ones. It kind of works with the chiffon though, kind of a babydoll dress effect.

Plus now I have something to wear with my Seychelles. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Darling Ranges #1”

    1. I love Downton!! Totally can’t wait until September.

      I’ve had my hair long since LotR. I think I’m still pathetically wanting to be Arwen when I grow up. 🙂

  1. What kind of fabric did you use on each dress? I try to stick with natural fabrics, like organic and hemp or linen. I have this pattern and it’s been collecting dust for months! I can’t find a fabric I love. Clearly, you haven’t had that problem, ha! 🙂 Each one looks SO pretty. Love the florals. 🙂

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