Bitchy fabrics

So chiffon was a terrible idea.

In fact, chiffon is usually a terrible idea. Except that it’s always so pertty that it’s difficult to say no to.

Anyway, all that’s left is buttons!

I can’t decide what color buttons to use. Maybe cream colored ones so they don’t stand out so much? Or a darker shade of the pale mint green/blue? Or straight up brown ones? That might be too harsh.

Hmmmm. Thoughts?
Excuse the photo. I was having fun with a new phone app and simultaneously attempting to hide the currently wonky neckline with fake artistic-ness. Edited: Here you go, better photo!

In other news, Megan Nielsen is holding a sewalong for this dress. I’m considering participating because I’d love to make another one of these (Or three more. You think I’m kidding..). But then I realized that I just made most of one in a day. To be fair, if I had chosen a less bitchy fabric (like a nice cotton or linen), I most likely would’ve been done by now.

Maybe I’ll make one dress a day for the duration of the sewalong.

Only joking.

(I’m not though.)

One thought on “Bitchy fabrics”

  1. The dress is looking really good. How about using the buttons that you cover with the fabric? I am not sure if that will work or not. I love the dress pattern and have ordered myself one :0)

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