Yesterday I tagged along with a friend while he was picking out shoes. And then I got distracted by all the pretties.

Before I knew what had happened, I was walking out of the store clutching these lovelies.

Seychelles Ampersand

On the way home, I was daydreaming about all the different outfits I would wear these shoes with until it occurred to me that I did not have a single outfit that would work with these shoes. Maybe dark jeans and a muted top, but that’s pretty boring.

So today I went off to the fabric store in search of fabric because the dress-making tingles haven’t gone away. I thought I had perused every bolt in the shop and was on my way out when this one flung itself at me, screaming “Buuuuy meeee!” in a tinny voice. And who can say no to fabric so purtty?

Seychelles with fabric

It’s a somewhat sheer chiffon, hence the lining. I think it’s going to be a Darling Ranges dress. Possibly with some ruffle-age.