Last week I was oggling some Kim Hargreaves patterns and decided that I needed to own a mohair sweater. One of those lofty ones that look like clouds.

So I went looking at yarns and decided that as much as I enjoyed the idea of buying a ton of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, my sad and abused bank account should probably not be subjected to that right now. But then I found some mohair yarn on ebay and all was well. Considering it’s 50% synthetic, it’s fairly soft. If the Rowan were knitting with kittens, this would be like knitting with a feral cat. Whose owner decided to dye its fur once or twice for fun.


Anyway, so far the front and back are done, and I’m slightly stuck on the sleeves. I also can’t decide whether I like it with the stockinette facing out or inside out better. Hmm.

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