A few weeks ago I decided that my yarn stash was getting ridiculous.

Well, respectively ridiculous, considering I’ve only been knitting for a year and I’m knitting on a student budget.

Anyway, I made a list of unfinished projects and projects I already have yarn for but haven’t started and projects I wanted to frog and make into better projects. And I decided I’m not allowed to buy yarn until that list is complete.

And I’ve been doing really well. The last time I bought yarn was nearly a month ago. (Is that true? I might be lying. I can’t remember.)

The problem is that apparently I’ve decided to compensate by picking up sewing again.

Last week I bought these. (Yes, that is a Janet Arnold book they are sitting on. Two actually. I love Janet Arnold. To bits. Lots of bits.)


And I just walked out of a fabric store with these.


And these.


No, I have no idea where this desire to make a quilt came from.

And no, I’m not entirely sure I love the combination of darker colors. Although I’m absolutely in love with the lighter ones.

So uh, yeah. Frugality fail.