Another zippered pouch

I made a new zippered pouch! I also made half of a skirt but it’s not done yet and therefore not interesting yet.

Zippered pouch #2

The last one I made only had two layers of cotton (the outside fabric and the lining) and felt really thin. I may have gone overboard on this one. It has eyelet lace fabric, lining for the lace, a layer of thick interfacing, and then the pouch lining fabric.


Does it count as using “leftover” fabric if you haven’t in fact made the thing you actually bought the fabric for?

(The black fabric on the left is going to be the collar detailing for my Violet Baudelaire coat. The black and white fabric is going to be a skirt. The blue dark blue is legitimately left over. And the interfacing is just interfacing.)

Zippered pouch #2

This one’s going to live in my purse and store little things that keep getting lost at the bottom of my purse, like bandaids and chapsticks.