I’ve been SO good. Not at blogging, obviously, but at keeping myself away from new yarns.

I made a list of things I have to finish before I’m allowed to buy new yarn.


And no, finishing all of these things would not deplete my entire yarn stash. But it would be a substantial chunk. And most of these are nearly done or at least halfway finished. The bunny slippers for example are already knitted and one is even already felted.

I fiiinally finished Little Birds. All I need now are buttons, which I’ve been meaning to go to the store for. The problem is that the shop I go to for buttons also sells yarn. Lots of yarn. And that might just be too much temptation in one place.

I also finished Georgia, which already had buttons sewn on and now just needs to be blocked. Yee!

In the spirit of using up extra yarn, I started this lovely wrap scarf thing.


I also had a ton of extra gray yarn leftover from the Birds so I decided to make a Paulie cardigan.


Send good thoughts. I may attempt a yarn-less shopping trip to the yarn store later for those buttons.

2 thoughts on “Destashing”

  1. You’re much more disciplined than I. January I was SO good, but gave in to the temptation of a Super Bowl Sunday Widow offer. Oh my! More yarn coming in the mail. Tsk tsk. What shall I do? ; )

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