Abandoned and neglected

I think I’ve hit a bit of a knitting rut. I started three small projects yesterday (nothing big, just various cold weather accessories) and I’m tempted to rip out all of them just because something feels off. Bleh.

Anyway, I’m setting the needles aside for today, lest I cause any damage.

Instead, I’ll be working on this! I know, I know. I started it ages ago and then never said another word about it. I got frustrated with it so it went on a several month hiatus. The funny thing is I’m now fairly certain I know exactly how to fix it.

And yes, I know it’s super baggy and awkward looking right now. The entire back of the skirt is unattached and hanging.

In other news, I made Boyfriend a pre-first-midterm-of-the-semester dinner the other night and decided to try my hand at panna cotta for dessert. It is officially my new favorite dessert.


Scrummmmptious! I’m contemplating mixing in crushed oreos next time and drizzling a cherry sauce on top. Nom nom nom.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned and neglected”

  1. I love this dress! It was my favorite one from the movies. Can’t wait to see your end result. Good luck!

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