I usually hate ordering yarn online because I don’t like not being able to see and touch what I’m going to be knitting with, and while I love getting things in the mail, I hate waiting for it. Especially if it’s yarn. Or pretty much any craft-related stuffs.

That said, there are a lot of ridiculous deals to be found online. I highly recommend it.

So anyway, a few days ago I was looking everywhere online for two things: Araucania Patagonia in colorway #209 and Berroco Campus in All-Nighter (I know, I’m super original in my color choices — in my defense, sometimes designers really know what they’re doing when they pick colors!). My lys had Berroco Campus but only in weird colorways or strictly black/white/greys, and they don’t carry any Araucania.

So I looked online. Yarn.com had the Berroco but they no longer carried the Patagonia in the colorway I wanted.

So I looked on eBay. I’d never bought yarn on eBay before but I’ve bought all sorts of craftish things on there so I thought I’d look. I ended up finding the exact yarn in the exact colorway for half the price on yarn.com! -squee-

And then I started looking for interim projects, expecting it to take about a week for my yarns to arrive.

Except they both showed up at my doorstep yesterday!

Isn’t this just a scrumptious collection of reds? It’s 100% cotton and ridiculously soft.


And here’s the Campus. I can’t get over how cool this yarn is! When you look at it up close it looks like there are even amounts of purple, pale blue, and orange, and even some flecks of turquoise and pale pink! But then you knit it up and it just looks purple.




Anyway, you can imagine what I spent all of yesterday doing. In fact I meant to do this post yesterday but obviously was distracted. Hee.

4 thoughts on “Yarnsies”

  1. ummmmmm…..are you also in a graduate program?? as in school???? When I was working on my master’s degree Ihad a boatload of reading to do.there is a gorgeous yarn shop herein Eugene called Soft horizons down by the UNiversity in an old Victorianhouse. you’d love it there!!! maybe they are online…..???

  2. apparently they don’t have a websitewhichmeans that shouldyou decideyou want to visit this shop you would have to pay a visit to your grandmother.

    1. Oooh that yarn shop sounds scrumptious! I’m pretty sure I need to plan a trip out there in the near future. I’m off from school mid-May through August….. 🙂

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