So remember a few months ago when I was squeeing my pants about that giant pile of Madelinetosh yarn I bought?

Well, that project is finally off the needles!

Actually technically I finished it last week back home but there was no floor space to block it and then I decided to just wait for my blocking mats to get here.

So today it had a bath and now it’s pinned to the mats waiting to be dry so I can wears it.


Apologies for the gimpy pinning job. I’m still a noob at this. I will say, though, the knitpicks blocking mats I bought are fantastic! I love that they’re detachable and can conform to the shape of whatever you’re blocking.

And lastly, these are the buttons I bought.


I’m still torn about whether or not they’re right for this sweater. I used the same button for a headband/ear warmer I made a few months ago and I really like the simplicity of it but I feel like they might be too small. Maybe a toggle instead? Hrmmm.

*taps foot impatiently*

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