Presents (from myself)

I may have mentioned before that I lurve getting things in the mail. Today I got two packages!

Last week I ordered a bunch of supplies from Knitpicks (but alas, no yarn!).

I (finally) bought blocking mats (I’ve been using destroying my yoga mat), and some t-pins, and also bought two sets of point protectors (I hate when I have a few too many stitches on DPNs and they keep sliding off), and also a stranding guide for color work (it was only a dollar so I thought I’d try it out).

Knitpicks haul

I’d also wanted to start a notebook type thing for keeping track of pattern notes, yarns used, charts I draw up, etc., but I could never find one that was big enough, had a large enough spiral, and had an elastic band. Until I actually looked for one on Amazon and found one that had everything I wanted.


It even has three different types of pages (lined, graph, blank)! It’s basically perfect. I think I’m going to do notes on the lined section, chart sketched on the graph section, and project pages on the blank section.


I especially wanted the elastic so I can tape in yarn samples and ball bands and it’ll still hold together.

Now to dig through and catalogue my epic mess of scrap yarn..