Well, I’m back in Boston where there is an utter lack of snow. Or anything resembling snow.

As a form of protest, I’ve spent the afternoon oggling patterns and buying yarn online.

My next two projects are going to be this one and this one, probably in that order, although I guess it depends on which yarn arrives first.

I popped over to my lys earlier because I knew I’d seen Berocco Campus in there before. Sadly they didn’t have the color I wanted, and every single other colorway is either a mix of gray/black/white which is not what I wanted, or was a hideous mix of colors. So I ended up ordering the yarn from WEBS. And now I’m antsily attempting to work on Seester’s Christmas sweater instead, whilst intermittently checking the shipping status of the order I just placed two hours ago every fifteen minutes.

I ordered yarn for Bazan from eBay because I couldn’t find the colorway I wanted anywhere else. And of course the more places that didn’t have it, the more I wanted it. There was a moment right before I clicked “Place Order” when I asked myself, am I really going to wear a red shrug? But I decided that yes, I am, so I bought three skeins. For $5.80 each! Even WEBS lists this yarn for $12.95 per skein! -happy dance-

Speaking of Seester’s Christmas sweater, I think I mentioned that she squee’d over my Effortless Cardigan when I wore it at home and decided she wanted one in a plum-ish color. I’m currently about 2.5″ past splitting the sleeves. Note to self: straight stockinette is no fun when you’re impatiently awaiting more exciting yarn deliveries.

Finally, as the title suggests, I’ve been here two days and am still feeling groggy. You’d think that three hours wouldn’t be that hard to adjust to but technically waking up at 10am here is like waking up at 7am back home, and that’s quite a difference. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that I actually woke up at 1:30pm today. Which technically, my body thinks of as 10:30am, which is a perfectly respectable time to wake up.

Anyway, my point is, pictures later and apologies if none of this made sense.