There’s a slight possibility that I am addicted to this pattern.


In my defense, only the yellow one is mine. The others are going to be Christmas gifts so shhh!

In other news, I keep thinking that once I finish the Big Stressful Thing that is dominating my life, I’ll have more time to do all the other stuff (like blogging more than once a week..). But then the Next Big Stressful Thing comes along and takes a huge dump on that idea.

I’m finally done with all my papers (except for one, but that’s a long story)! And now I have to pack because I’m flying home for two weeks tomorrow. Packing for short trips never seems like a big deal until you’re actually packing and you realize the sheer amount of stuff that you could potentially forget and then have to live without for two weeks and then it’s just a staggering task.

On the bright side, I’m only about three projects away from being done with the Christmas knitting!

Unfortunately, I epic failed on the planning and two of the three projects I have yet to finish are for my mom and sister, who I’m going to be living with for the next two weeks.

Andd back to packing I go.