Just some randoms.

– I absolutely fail at blogging lately. It’s not even a lack of substance. I have about six posts lurking around the back of my mind.

– Thanksgiving was absolutely scrumptious. I’m still an avid believer in the fact that stuffing should be a part of regular meals and not limited to annual holidays. Noms.


– The Christmas knits pile is getting bigger! I was feeling increasingly guiltier yesterday when I realized how little time is left before Christmas and how many projects I have to finish by then so I took a trip to the yarn store (and only bought one thing for myself!). More on that later.

– I’ve purchased 6 Jane Richmond patterns in the past 48 hours. I am a happy clam.

– I also bought a winter coat and snow boots over the break. I *think* there’s a possibility I will survive this winter.


– Especially when one considers this pile of happiness.


– My Canadian roommate was making fun of me for coming up with excuses to wear my snow gear out. Can it just snow already please?

– Holy crap The Walking Dead. Is anyone else super mad about having to wait two months? I’m pining. I also may have obtained the entirety of the graphic novels that have been released. Except I don’t want spoilers so I’m afraid to read them. Gah.

One thought on “Just some randoms.”

  1. YOur pile of knitted wear is so impressive ….make sure you have enough mittens and/or gloves they tend to get wet if you are at all inclined to make snow balls or snow persons . You will doubtless be sick of the snow before it goesaway in the spring…but enjoy it….btw how is school????

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