Logic fail

Things I’m proud of this week:

-The 1 hour, 33 slide, 6 page paper my group and I wrote and presented on Monday

-The Rae #2 I finished this morning

The 10-12 page research article critique I’ve been working on all day instead of knitting and am currently on page 9 of even though it’s not due until Thursday It’s done!! All 13 pages. Did I mention it’s not due for two days? This has never happened before. Yee!

-The sweater in progress I finally finished instead of ignoring in favor of buying shinier new yarn for new sweaters

Therefore I have decided that getting homework done on time and refraining from buying yarn means I get to splurge on Madelinetosh for my next project.


(And yes, not buying yarn means I get to buy yarn. The logic of a knitter.)

In other news, I now have two shiny Rae’s to keep my necksicles warm.


One thought on “Logic fail”

  1. you have learned an essential lesson for an addicted craftster…..sometimes the fabric and/or yarn is more gorgeous when you have force dyourself to wait to acquire it…your necksicle warmers are lovely and I am sure you will enjoy them as winter sets in.
    I had hideous thing happen to me. I got an email That was sent from someone using your dad’s email account. Gave me quite a heart-stopping moment They were urging me to have more sexual fun, so I am positive thatit didn’t come from my Eric..

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