When Big Kids Wear Warm Knitted Things

It occurred to me yesterday that the title of my blog is “When Big Kids Play Dress-up” and yet there’s hardly anything costume-related in here.

I’ve been sewing since I was about fourteen. I had gone to see Lord of the Rings with a friend and came home having decided to be Arwen when I grew up. Since then it’s grown increasingly dangerous for me to watch any sort of sci-fi/fantasy movies/tv shows because I will inevitably end up at the nearest fabric store picking out fabrics and notions so I can run home and recreate my favorite costumes whilst my bank account shrieks in pain.

In fact, I started this blog as a place to showcase and write about costuming adventures. Except then I learned to knit and since then pretty much everything has been about knitting projects. Whoops.

The point of all this rambling is, I’m going to have to remedy this. So expect some costumey-related posts in the near future.