Happy Halloween

I did manage to scrape together a last minute costume yesterday. Boyfriend and I had plans to go to a party hosted by his school at a club downtown, but neither of us had had time to discuss or put together a costume until the day of.

Still, I think we did pretty well!

Dwight K. Schrute and a Schrute Farms beet. 

He bought his entire outfit at a thrift/costume shop and I picked out a purple dress at Forever21 and plucked some leaves and tied them to a headband. The sticker on my side is a Schrute Farms logo like those stickers that come on veggies. 🙂

Sidenote: IT’S SNOWING!! I’ve never lived anywhere where it snowed!! There are literally bits of ice falling out of the sky!! Thisissocool.

Guys, I’m freaking out a little.

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