More pretties

Technically I’m not supposed to be buying anymore yarn but rules are meant to be broken so I went and bought two gorgeous skeins today.

First there’s this little guy.


I was halfway through Edge Chart #1 of Laminaria when I both screwed up royally (and still cannot figure out for the life of me where I mess up) and decided that the yarn I was using was too thick to compliment the lace pattern. I haven’t frogged it yet but I did buy a gorgeous skein of Malabrigo Lace in Emerald to make myself feel better.

I also came home with this gorgeous skein of Cascade fingering. It’s almost like a dark periwinkle. *petpet* I’ve already cast on my second Rae for the KAL!


And lastly, I finally bought a button for my Morning Walk Headband! I haven’t sewn it on yet but I knew I wanted a non-boring wooden button and this one totally fits the bill.


Yes, I do still have three papers due this week. Yes, I did procrastinate all day. In my defense, once I stopped procrastinating I totally finished one of three papers. I think I deserve a new skein for each paper I finish. #dangerousterritory

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