Garter stitch and Estonian lace

I’ve mentioned my stupid mental blocks before. Things like reading a knitting pattern, knitting cables, and cooking with fresh garbanzo beans (still haven’t grown the balls to try that one, no idea why). For some reason even though I’ve been drooling over Laminaria for about as long as I’ve had a Ravelry account, I’ve always been stuck on the idea of Estonian lace and there was something about 1-3 and 3-3 stars that just sounds so inherently complicated. It was in my queue for ages and I even deleted it, thinking I was never going to get around to figuring it out.

Last night I was visited by a burst of inspiration and am now halfway through the first section.


I think this may have something to do with the near-600 rows of garter stitch I also finished last night for the Rae KAL in the Jane Richmond Ravelry group.


(Seriously though, Jane’s current garter kick is contagious. This scarf is SO squish. It’s super warm without being too bulky and the ends tuck in easily to coats or even to the scarf itself to look like a cowl. Go knit one. Now. Do it.)


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