Slightly obsessed

Yesterday I was introduced to the fact that I am probably more obsessed with yarn and knitting than I had realized.

During the day I took* my roommate to Windsor Button to oggle at the pretty yarns. She wanted some yarn for a sweater project and I needed yarn for Christmas presents and size 6 needles**.

Also this skein of Berocco alpaca looked like it really needed a home and I was too mesmerized to say no. I think it’s going to be Rae #2.


After we got home, I cast on my first Rae and worked on that for a bit.

Then it was time to head over to the Brookline Booksmith where the Yarn Harlot was doing a book signing for her new book! Oh my lord, that woman is even more hilarious in person. I nearly peed myself twice.

I also loved that nearly everyone brought a knitting project along and the whole room was knitting along while she read from her book. One woman even had a drop spindle and was making some gorgeous fall-colored yarn!

Afterward as we were leaving, it occurred to me that I had laughed at every joke and could identify with every anecdote she told. I only started knitting ten months ago. Before that it was a totally boring skill that I knew the basics of but could never be bothered to participate in. And now I have a yarn-purchasing compulsion, 284 projects waiting in my Ravelry queue, spend more time on Ravelry than I do on Facebook, and I secretly can’t wait for my friends to start popping out babies so I can knit teeny tiny baby things.

When did this happen??

*Saying “took” makes it sound like it was totally for her. A more accurate description would be that I dragged her along and made her wait for ten minutes while I agonized over two shades of Berroco alpaca.

**Can I just take a moment to express my surprise that I didn’t have this size already in any form of knitting needles??

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